Balmain’s digital supermodel army

So Shudu got company now – Margot and Zhi. Cameron-James Wilson has created two new masterpieces after his mindblowing art of Shudu – applause applause!! This ‘virtual army’ as they are called is promoting Balmain’s newest collection – more than successfully. And there is so much more to it. Balmain can easily take the next steps now and use 3D technologies for their product photographies and catwalks as well as size guides (instead of using a totally outdated size table). But, step after step.

The digital world is taking over fashion by storm, and this is fantastic. The push that’s coming from stories like these is creating so much buzz around the technology behind that I am convinced 3D, VR/AR and more can only profit from it – way to go!

Kudos to, @balmain and @itsclo3D for this, literally, out-of-this-world project – bravo! Can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

Read the full article here:




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