[W]Hole NFT: CATCH22

An evergoing pursuit of fulfillment, from all the glitter, to realize the immateriality,and understanding it’s evanescent,back to the Beginning,yet again;yet,space for something new. 10 second animation, 1080 x 1080, MP4 2022, Berlin The second NFT of the [W]Hole collection is now available on foundation.

[W]Hole NFT: The Whole Thing is Empty.

Excerpt of the [W]Hole collection short film:the transformation from ‘all that glitter’ to ‘immaterial’,and also one of my favorite areas in digital fashion:experimentation. For this collection I tried out multiple new techniques at once,like parametric, procedural or GAN based design.Having a borderless canvas for experimentation,and the possibility to include transformation as part of my designs Continue reading [W]Hole NFT: The Whole Thing is Empty.

‘This too shall pass’ – NFT on Foundation

‚This too shall pass’ – این نیز بگذرد – my first #nft minted on @withfoundation Inspired by Persian mythology, this piece is about life’s temporary nature, and change being the only constant. The phrase ‚This too shall pass‘ is something that I always have in mind, for any thing, good or bad, happening in life; as that‘s what Continue reading ‘This too shall pass’ – NFT on Foundation

Emy has a new look

Emy, digital me, fancied a new outfit, so I got her one of the limited edition pieces from #untigravity designed by the fabulous @regina_turbina1 in collaboration with @pumarussia , initiated by @facesandlaces for @tsvetnoy s department store birthday. I love how I can explore completely new styles with Emy, ones I might never wear in reality but seek to explore in the freedom of digital Continue reading Emy has a new look

Not another hoodie

I designed this piece for the release of Lukso‘s release of the reversible ICO (rICO), a major innovation step in the area of blockchain and token purchases! Making use of the reversible element of this release, I animated the textures of the hoodie, the tiecords’ wording giving a reversible effect along.