Emy has a new look

Emy, digital me, fancied a new outfit, so I got her one of the limited edition pieces from #untigravity designed by the fabulous @regina_turbina1 in collaboration with @pumarussia , initiated by @facesandlaces for @tsvetnoy s department store birthday.

untigravity collection by Regina Turbina x Puma

I love how I can explore completely new styles with Emy, ones I might never wear in reality but seek to explore in the freedom of digital spheres
The scene is using a still of my skull smoke animation, which just seemed to match the look perfectly. I did some finetuning on the graphic, integrating the feeling of torness I ever so often feel in reality, which fades away in virtual worlds. After all, we were not taught to limit ourselves in the digiverse, yet, and hopefully never will have to.
#untigravity #reginaturbina #digitalme

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