Burning pixels

Personal work (September 2020)

When the pandemic hit globally a lot of fashion companies and individuals turned to digital and 3D out of necessity. Having worked in the field for many years I am super thrilled to finally see all this momentum happening, opening completely new fields and opportunities in general but also bringing long needed change to the fashion industry.
But while we might rather be burning pixels instead of people for garment productions with digital fashion, there are other/new factors to be considered;

texture animation

be it education around digital creation processes (which also take a lot of time, cost, experiences & resources),
the new field of „fast“ digital fashion which is growing in various different directions at the moment,
Or the tendency of wanting to use digital to recreate traditional processes, which is a tremendous loss of its actual potential to create something new that is actually good.

shape experiments

With my works around ‚burning pixels‘ I wanted to both express this amazing turn towards digital & it’s incredible speed, as well as my enthusiasm&hopes for digital fashion to become a thing that lasts.

Fast forward from April to today and I am more convinced than ever digital fashion is here to stay, and I for one can’t wait to create more work around it and explore new ways of wearing fashion 🙏🏻

burning pixels simulation

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