All I see is DOTS

Soooo I ordered my very own Zozo suit to test how and if it actually works – it does!

The procedure is actually really simple – download and open the app on your phone, put on the funny looking dotsy suit (FYI it’s not very figure-flattering) which consists of a longsleeve and leggings, put your phone on the small phone stand that comes with the suit, get in position – and here we go.

Instructing you by a very well working voice message (‘it seems the light is too dark’ or ‘it seems you are standing too close to your phone’), the app takes 12 photos through your phone from the same angle, while you need to adjust your position slightly for each picture for Zozo to have pics of you from 360degree. It then generates your virtual avatar and measurements, which are used for size recommendations, but also include your fit preference (which is great, cause not everyone loves tight or loose fits).


size recommendation incl. fit preference

While Zozo has an own webshop integrated, you can of course also use the provided measurements to enter them in any other webshop that asks you to measure yourself manually – which can so easily be done in the wrong way. I compared my Zozo measurements with the ones I got when measuring manually – and found discrepancies of 0.5-2cm. It’s fairly accurate especially regarding the way they were taken, but 2cm can be the difference of an entire size (especially at crucial measurements like waist or hip), so keep this in mind. One thing you cannot be sure about is whether the points of measurements of Zozo are corresponding 100% with the ones of other webshops. In fact, it most probably differs slightly. However having this semi-automated measurement set at hand is still much better and faster than having to measure each point manually and will definitely give you the right direction for choice of size.


virtual avatar incl. measurements (source:


Another good thing with Zozo: if your weight changes (because you start or stop working out, start a new diet, god knows what) you can just put on the suit again and regenerate your updated measurements – easy and done.

The inseam of the right leg at my suit was broken,  however measurements were still not off. Also, I found out my right upper arm is 2.7cm larger than my left one – as I am right handed and play beachvolleyball this is actually true.IMG_6042

defect at the right inseam of my Zozo legging


The zozosuit can be ordered for free and came within 3 working days. Getting my measurements took less than half an hour and the voice instructions were straight forward and easily understandable.

In my opinion Zozo is one of the best solutions out there at the moment for ordering the right size online. If you’re into online shopping – you should definitely go for it!


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