Shudu – an avatar supermodel

33912522_176975106320237_4053284564221558784_nI’ve been following digital supermodel Shudu for a while now and was super excited to see the collaboration project between Shudu x @wwd x @itsclo3D of visualizing dresses from @noonbynor in fantastic animations.

With the approach of visualizing existing garments the collaboration very well demonstrates how marketing campaigns could be kept entirely digital.

At the same time, the very same approach could be used to visualize garments from patterns (instead of actual samples) during the creation phase, enabling the generation of fantastic marketing material prior to any production. Using this material internally for sign-offs or externally to generate buzz much earlier than you could with physical garments – the opportunities are endless.

Exciting times, cant wait to see more of such projects in reality!


Read the full article here:

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