Meet my first NFT: HexJerzo

I designed this piece as the first-ever digital garment to be released on the digital fashion web3 platform TheDematerialised. The limited editions piece came in 1212 units and sold out 2 weeks ago during crypto fashion week! I’m still so amazed by all the people wearing my design digitally in different ways and will do my best to share more content about it soon.

HexJerzo in Forbes

When designing the piece, I wanted it to depict the union of digital fashion and blockchain technology (TheDematerialised is powered by Lukso‘s amazing blockchain technology). The surreal blue fiberglass material representing virtual worlds is used in the lowest layer of the Jumper, topped up with translucent metal, giving you the sight of everything outside reality. The strong reflections of the silver metal used on the cuffs invite you to reflect upon the current convergence of real and virtual worlds. The piece is called HexJerzo (Gen 0), Hex (Hexagon) and Jerzo (jumper in Esperanto).

While there are several plattforms for buying digital fashion today, missing purpose and usability are often criticised – in most cases, you can upload a picture of yourself and get dressed in that very photo. While this does help to prevent consumers from buying fashion just for the photo and returning it after, digital fashion seems to lack an added layer of purpose – yet.

This is why TheDematerialised’s plattform is so unique on the market: it gives digital fashion LIFE by enabling usage in various metaverses (VR, AR, in game, on photo). As purpose is one of the most crucial elements to me in my creations, I was honored to see my design as the first-ever piece to be released on this amazing plattform – more to come ✨🧚🏼


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