Interactive digital fashion – dress digital, not physical

Personal work (March 2020)

Now that so many of us are quarantined at home, online shopping seems like a tempting place to turn to for stress-release or against boredom.

But what if you decided to turn to digital fashion instead? No unnecessary consumption, no harm for the planet. Endless looks that have never been seen before, but also new ways of interacting with your clothes. What if you could control your smart digital clothes with your emotions & gestures for example?

Built this sweater dress & merged it with one of my animations because well – ain’t no limits in digital fashion ❤ (okay except file size, pls don’t mention it>.<)

Unfortunately the corona pandemic brings a lot of sorrows, worries & pain to people.. While I try to help those around me who are at risk, I try to make the best of the current situation & see its positive aspects as well. This global crisis also provides numerous opportunities – a gigantic one (if not the biggest one) is in technology.

So..Let’s squeeze out every single opportunity of this corona beast. Let’s finally use technology in all its capabilities&dimensions.

#digitalfashion #futureoffashion #newleverfilters #dressdigital #interactive #animation #ar #3ddesign #mixingtechnologies #polygondressing #consumedigital #notphysical #sustainable



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