Digital only – this is Carlings.

Last week I discovered Carlings – and got totally amazed by their digital collection initiative!! Carlings is a Norwegian company founded in 1980 by Frank Varner; based on their sustainable DNA and thought-through values, they developed a digital collection which only exists digitally and will never be produced physically.   Why would you do that? Continue reading Digital only – this is Carlings.

AR projection with Lightform’s technology

Awesomesauce! The company lightform provides hard- and software to scan data and project it in AR – no need for retarded looking lenses anymore – yay! Not sure if you can actually import non-physical data (e.g. your non-existing 3D models), but you can scan any object and go from there. Cool stuff! Also kind of Continue reading AR projection with Lightform’s technology


thank god it’s AOPs – realistic ones – finally! #alloverprints #3ddesign #lotta In the newer versions, Browzwear introduced a layering system for material groups. these enable you to put your print layer above your fabric layer whilst maintaining the fabrics structure. this way you don’t face the issue of structureless artworks anymore.

PI Apparel Berlin 2017

On October 26-27, numerous brands and individuals from various industry gathered in the Maritim Pro Arte hotel in Berlin to discover and talk about current and new technologies for the apparel industry. PLM, 3D prototyping, AR/VR/MR and general digital transformation topics were presented and intensively discussed throughout these exciting 2 days. The various networking opportunities Continue reading PI Apparel Berlin 2017