light and camera.

  • As in any normal picture, the impact of light on an object can be flattering as well as unfavorable for its perception. Whereas the ‘right’ light can butter up how it appears considerably,  shadows or lower light can gloss over parts you don’t want the viewer to focus on. E.g. because the area is nothing to be highlighted, or maybe because it won’t support the buying decision. In 3D, you can use shadow to gloss over any little detail you might not want to be too much in the focus. And having the correct type, amount and angle of light can really boost your product to stand out – believe me. While this is nothing that is purely related to 3D but applies the same way for traditional photography/photoshoots, it is new to be in control of the light throughout the creation process, incl. any moments of change – and not only at the moment of the photoshoot itself.
  • By choosing a favorable camera angle and zoom you can add further focus to the marketable features and highlight your product from the very best angle.



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