‘[W]Hole’ – a collection of 3 transforming looks, inspired by the continuous pursuit of fulfilment in a looped circle.

While there is a Catch22 notion to the story, there is a release of energy at the End of the loop, captured in look 3/3: ‘Evanescence’, symbolising giving space for the Beginning of a new Search in a paradox way.

For this collection I tried out multiple new techniques at once, like parametric, procedural or GAN based design.

Having a borderless canvas for experimentation, and the possibility to include transformation as part of my designs in digital animations, is probably what I most love in digital fashion design.

The collection story short film was first shown in an exhibition during digital fashion week New York 2022, with more pieces being exhibited and partly sold as NFTs during Metaverse Fashion Week in Decentraland. Additionally, the three looks will be published to be worn on avatar in Decentraland.

First ever short film I created to tell the story around the [W]Hole collection

[W]Hole Looks

‘All That Glitter’

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