Digital Transformation

Over time I was able to collect a lot of experiences regarding 3D integration, application, implementation and its impact. See below some of the points that will definitely be part of your 3D journey. I’m happy to help you develop a strategy which matches your company and support you throughout its implementation. Shoot me a message for more information.


3D Software can be used by numerous people for various milestones in diverse ways. This freedom is needed so 3D software can theoretically be used by any clothing company independent of its business model and process, preventing solely bespoke software application. However, it also leaves brands with oodles options of how to integrate 3D technology to their business, which do not all lead to success for their respective business. Therefore it is important to analyse your organisation carefully prior to coming up with a digital/3D approach and implementation strategy. Here are some of the points you definitely want to look at:

Bringing information on the above together gives you a good foundation to define your bespoke strategy as well as approach and scope. While this will not prevent you from failing and adjusting your decisions down the line, it will give you the right direction to follow which is needed to make 3D integration a longterm  success.


Have a look at this excerpt of my research paper from 2014 about strategic approaches regarding 3D application: Strategy Excerpt.


photo ‘Chess‘ by Brandon Giesbrecht