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I create visual concepts and designs including video aniamtions and filters.

Interactive beanie filter for La Luka Berlin, beanie color changing through eye blinking

During the first lockdown in 2020 I created this instagram filter with an outfit of mine. I created a smoking skull animation which appears to facial guestures, like opening your mouth. This way I wanted to create awareness to the deadliness and contagiousness of the corona virus and the importance of avoiding human contact without mask protection.

Digital metamorphosis in a virtual world 

#Clo3D #SparkAR #aftereffects

concept of shape and texture changing clothes – garments created in #Vstitcher, animation in #Maya, post production in #aftereffects

concept of self growing clothes – garments created in #Vstitcher, animation in #Maya, post production in #aftereffects

Morph animation made in #AfterEffects

 Fabric textures 3D print experiments


Club logo design made in #Illustrator

Maike in Wonderland – made in #tiltbrush, #blocks and #aftereffects.

Music: Bensound – creepy

adento_logo_revised_5  adento_logo_revised_6triangle_A_n_revised_2  triangle_A_n_revised_3triangle_A_n_revised_7  triangle_A_n_revised_8triangle_A_p  triangle_A_r

Logo designs made with #Illustrator and #Photoshop, created for the company Beneto which works in digitalisation of the health industry


2D animation created with #Pencil2D for fun